Contributor: Nico Steytler

Federalism and the COVID-19 crisis: A perspective on South Africa

As the world copes with COVID-19, federations are no exception. In a new series, practitioners and experts from around the world will share perspectives on how federalism has shaped their country’s pandemic response. The authors will also examine possible future implications of the crisis on the governance system.

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Multilevel Government in South Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya Number 20

This paper aims to inform policy makers and stakeholders in the Philippines about the critical features of, and practical experiences with, federalism and decentralization in South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia. The Philippines is currently considering revisions to its present multilevel structure.

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A Global Dialogue on Federalism, Volume 6: Local Government and Metropolitan Regions in Federal Systems

While local government is found in all federal countries, its place and role in the governance of these countries varies considerably. In some countries, local government is considered an essential part of the federal nature of the state and recognized in the constitution as such, whereas in others it is simply a creature of the subnational states/provinces. What unites these institutions of state is that there is no level of government below them. That is also their strength and the source of their democratic claim – they are the government closest to the people.

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