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Conference on Managing Constitutional Reforms

Prof. Theo à-hlinger ( University of Wien) directs a question to Prof. Thomas Hueglin (Wilfred Laurier University Waterloo), Prof. Beniamino Caravita, University La Sapienza Rome and the President of the autonomous region of South-Tyrol, and Dr. Luis Durnwalder (president of the autonomous region of Trentino South-Tyrol) regarding the constitutional reform process in Italy.















The Forum of Federations, together with the Institut für Föderalismus (Innsbruck), organized a two day high-level conference in Vienna on Sep 19-20, 2007 on managing constitutional reform.

The aim of the conference, which took place in the Austrian Parliament, was to examine successful state reforms in Canada, Germany, Italy and Switzerland in order to draw conclusions with regard to the planned state reform in Austria.

Speakers included Forum of Federatione's chairman Arnold Koller, former president of Switzerland; Luis Durnwalder, president of the autonomous region of Trentino South-Tyrol; Prof Luzius Mader, Vice-Director, Federal Department of Justice, Switzerland, Prof. Thomas Pfisterer, State Councilor, Switzerland; Prof. Beniamino Caravita, University La Spienza, Rome; Jürgen Weiss, First Vice-President of the Federal Council, Austria; Dr. Rainer Holtschneider, former State Secretary, Germany; Anton Hofman, Head of Department in the Bavarian State Chancellery, Germany and Prof. Thomas Hueglin, University of Waterloo.

At the concluding panel discussion, Dr. Peter Bussjäger, Director of the Institut für Föderalismus; Prof. Theo à-hlinger, University of Wien; Prof. Anna Gamper, University of Innsbruck; Prof. Andreas Khol, former President of the National Council and Prof. Gerhart Holzinger, member of the Austrian Constitutional Court, also took part.

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