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New publication released!
The Forum of Federation's new Global Dialogue booklet, Dialogues on Diversity and Unity in Federal Countries, edited by Rupak Chattopadhyay and Abigail Ostien Karos, has just been published. arrow

Global Dialogue

A Global Dialogue is a program of workshops, conferences and related discussion forums and publications on different themes in federalism.

Program components include:

  1. country roundtables
  2. international roundtables
  3. publication launches


The program creates ongoing opportunities for practitioners, scholars, and young professionals to share their experiences and academic research and to produce enduring comparative resources about current and emerging issues in federalism.

The program is currently examining more than a dozen themes in federalism.

Global Dialogue is a joint project of the Forum of Federations and the International Association of Centers of Federal Studies.

Theme 1: Constitutional Origins, Structure, and Change in Federal Countries
Theme 2: Distribution of Powers and Responsibilities in Federal Countries
Theme 3: Legislative, Executive and Judicial Governance in Federal Countries
Theme 4: The Practice of Fiscal Federalism: Comparative Perspectives
Theme 5: Foreign Relations in Federal Countries
Theme 6: Local Governments and Metropolitan Regions in Federal Systems
Theme 7: Diversity and Unity in Federal Systems
Theme 8: Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Countries
Theme 9: Political Parties and Civil Society in Federal Countries



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Information for Participants
Learn about Global Dialogue events and components.

Information for Facilitators
Learn about the roles of theme and country coordinators.

Global Dialogue Publications
Find out about all of the information available in our theme publications.

Editorial Board
The Global Dialogue Editorial Board provides policy and program guidance. Editorial Board members also participate in the program events and the editing process.

Global Dialogue Partners
Global Dialogue wouldn't be possible without the help and support of its partners.