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July 2011

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The Forum's workshop on Federalism trains women in South Sudan

Forum of Federations Discusses Federal and Decentralized Governance Options with Women Political Leaders in South Sudan. The Forum of Federations, in partnership with the Southern Sudanese Women’s Peace Forum and the International Republican Institute (IRI), held a 3-day workshop on “Understanding Federalism” in Juba, Southern Sudan. The workshop took place from June 23rd – 25th, 2011.
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The Forum and NDI Lead Workshops with Civil Society on “Goverance and Constitutional Development”in South Sudan

The Forum of Federations, in collaboration with the National Democratic Institute and The Sudan Network for Democratic Elections, organized a series of 3-day workshops on Governance.Full story

The Forum holds Federalism Leadership program in Ethiopia's South Regional State

The Forum of Federations conducted a five-day federalism leadership retreat in Hawassa, the capital city of the Ethiopia’s South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples regional state as part of its federalism-conflict-leadership program The event was conducted over 20-24 June and targeted leaders in the regional states of Ethiopia. Full Story

National Workshop on Strengthening Constitutional Interpretation in Ethiopia

The Forum of Federations and Ethiopia’s House of Federation (HoF) jointly organized a three-day workshop on “Strengthening Constitutional Interpretation in Ethiopia”. Full Story


Workshop on “Governance of Metropolitan Regions in Federal Systems”, Brussels, 20- 21 June 2011, Committee of the Regions

As part of the Forum’s ongoing work on on “Local and Metropolitan Governance, the Forum organized a two day workshop in Brussels in partnership with the European Union’s Committee of the Regions.
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Interview with Mr. Christian Wanner on "How Switzerland’s wealthier cantons compensate its poorer ones".

The Forum's Werner Thut interviewed Mr. Wanner on the topic of how Switzerland's wealthier cantons compensate its poorer ones. Mr. Wanner is a member of the Solothurn cantonal parliament. Full Story


Forum's President has meetings with Nepal leaders

Rupak Chattopadhyay met with top political leaders from major political parties, members of international and donor community, national experts, journalists, and academia. He discussed the challenges facing the development of the country’s new federal system of government, and how the Forum of Federations can assist during the transition. Full Story

Regional Conference on Diversity Theme:Diversity, Democracy and Federalism:Issues, Options and Opportunities

Leading international experts and academics from eight countries assembled in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu at a regional conference for three days and shared experiences and knowledge on understanding, respecting and celebrating diversity. Full Story

Forum's President launches "Federalism and the Constitution of Nepal: 30 Questions & Answers".

Forum President and CEO Rupak Chattopadhyay visited Nepal in early June, 2011 to launch the new book "Federalism and the Constitution of Nepal: 30 Questions & Answers", written by Prof. Ronald L. Watts. The launch was also the impetus for discussion on the key challenges that the country will likely tackle in the transition to a federal system. Dr. Chattopadhyay shared his observations with program stakeholders during the launch held on 8 June 2011. All together 35 participants participated in the discussion which included Constituent Assembly members, political leaders, joint secretaries from different ministries, national experts, civil society organizations, academia, and journalists. Full Story

Key Elements of a New Fiscal Regime in Federal Nepal

Nepal is undergoing a major transition toward introducing a system of democratic and federal governance. The transition toward fiscal federalism will have two interlinked phases: Phase 1 will consist of structural changes dealing with eorganization of the country into provinces, assignment of resources and responsibilities to the different tiers of government, and institutional arrangements for dealing with the emerging vertical and horizontal imbalances. In Phase 2, the design of fiscal transfers, administrative tructuring, issues of cooperation and coordination among provinces and between the centre and the provinces, and capacity building will need to be put in place.
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Benchmarking and Canadian Federalism

As part of its comparative project on “Benchmarking in Federal Systems,” the Forum of Federations, in cooperation with the Mowat Centre, held a one-day workshop in Toronto to discuss the applicability of benchmarking in the Canadian federal context. The objective of the workshop was to discuss what broad lessons could be learned from international and Canadian experience of benchmarking and how federal-type benchmarking could be applied in Canada, to what subjects and with what organizational approaches. Full Story

Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region Summit

George Anderson, the Forum's President emeritus, chaired a working session and appeared on a panels at large conference sponsored by the Mowat Centre of the University of Toronto and the Brookings Institute of Washington DC, which considered a vision and prospects for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence region, with a strong focus on co-operation at the state, provincial and municipal levels. Full Story


Forum of Federations uses Issuu for viewing online publications

In an effort to attract new audiences to FOF’s website, the Forum of Federations is using  Issuu as a marketing test for online publications. Issuu is an online service that allows for realistic and customizable viewing of digitally uploaded material, such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers, and other print media. Please take some time and see how easy it is to read online with Issuu. (View Forumfed on ISSUU)

International Symposium on Devolved Government in Kenya

Some 1000 stakeholders and experts, including several from other devolved regimes in Africa, came together to discuss the interim report of the Task Force on Devolved Government, which had been established by the Kenyan government early in 2011 to consider issues relating to the implementation of the devolution provisions of the new Kenyan constitution, which was promulgated in August of 2010. Full Story

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