Women and Federalism Initiative

The Forum of Federations is proud to announce the launch of the Women and Federalism Initiative.

The importance of women has long languished in many areas of professional and public life within countries with federal and decentralized systems of governance.  The Forum of Federations hopes to address and support the seminal role that women play in the theory and practice of federal or decentralized governance and is embarking on several initiatives that will fall under the banner of the Forum’s Women and Federalism Initiative.

As a first step we invite you to join the Women and Federalism Network.  This is a network that has been established on the internet based professionals networking site, LinkedIn. This part of the initiative evolved from the Women’s Networking Lunch that was organized at the 5 th International Conference on Federalism, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in December 2010.  It is our hope that this network will serve as a tool for the dissemination of important information and contact.  We also hope that this site may help to share identify and underline the competences of women who are actors in federal systems. 

We welcome all members to share ideas, meetings and plans as we endeavour to increase the role and awareness of the vital work of Women in federal systems throughout the world.

Please follow the internet link to the “Women and Federalism” LinkedIn in page.  And please, take a few minutes to register on linked In and provide some information on your experience as a “federal actor ”.  If you have any technical issues please contact: gonzalez@forumfed.org


The Forum is working on many exciting and important projects as part of its Women and Federalism Initiative, including a Women’s Speaker series and leadership workshops. Future projects would look at the comparative experiences of women in differing capacities across federal countries: ranging from government and policy makers, to academics and civil society.  Of particular interest will be the role which women play – and could play – in emerging federal or decentralized democracies.  Bringing together experiences across borders should, in turn, contribute to policy recommendations and training.

We hope that these will make a significant contribution to the capacity of women throughout federal and decentralized countries. We shall inform you of these developments through the Women’s Network in the very near future. We welcome any suggestions and input that you may have to offer.

We thank you for your support and participation in this most important initiative.


With kind regards,

Johanne Poirier
Forum of Federations Board Member                                                                          

Sheela Embounou
Head - Monitoring and Funder Relations Forum of Federations 


Interview with
Hon. Bushra Gohar