2nd rountable on public security and federalism held in India

The Forum co-organized a roundtable on security and federalism in India with the Centre for Public Affairs (CPA).

The event, held in New Delhi on April 29, 2010, was convened by Dr Ajay Mehra, in his capacity as director of the centre.

The table provided an opportunity for Forum Vice-President Rupak Chattopadhyay to present the Forum’s work on public security and to begin discussions on planning an international conference on the subject in India.

With the support of the Inter-State Council of the Government of India, the CPA and Forum will be organizing an international conference in December 2010 to explore the following themes:

  1. The Ideas, Premises and Practices of Public Security
  2. Mechanics of Public Security: Practical Experiences and Innovations
  3. Emerging Jurisdictional Issues in Public Security: Challenges, and Responses

The table was chaired by Mr. Ved Marwah, a distinguished alumnus of the Indian Police Service, past Commissioner of Police in Delhi and former Director General of the National Security Guard. He was also governor of Manipur, Mizoram and Jharkhand.

There were 16 participants at the event.

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