Blindenbacher invited to speak to conference in Islamabad

Dr. Raoul Blindenbacher, Vice President of the Forum of Federations, was one of the speakers at the International Conference on Fiscal Decentralization in Islamabad, Pakistan from May 3-5, 2006. The conference was organized by the National Reconstruction Bureau of Pakistan and the World Bank Institute and was held under the auspices of Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz. Dr. Blindenbacher spoke on inter-governmental fiscal relations and governmental accountability in Switzerland. Other international experts participating were Dr. Paul Boothe, former Associate Deputy Minister of Finance, Canada; Dr. Chris Heymans, Senior Municipal Development Specialist from the World Bank; Dr. Govindo Rao, Director National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, India; Dr. George Matthew, Director, Institute of Social Sciences, India; and Dr. Duvuri Subbarao, Advisor, Prime Minister’s Advisory Council, India.

The objective of the Conference was to show the outcome of fiscal decentralization reform and its impact on poverty reduction, development and governance in Pakistan.

All documents relating to the conference, including the slide presentation by Raoul Blindenbacher, are available at

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