Brazilian State Ministers Learn about Canadian Fiscal and Taxation System

Brazilian finance ministers at Finance Canada, Oct 2011, Ottawa, Canada.

The Forum of Federations in cooperation with the Fiscal Forum of the Brazilian States (FFBS) and the Council of Secretaries of Finance (CONFAZ) hosted a mission to Canada on the 11-14 of October for 20 finance ministers from the Brazilian states. The FFBS is a Brazilian initiative which aims to promote actions and activities to improve fiscal federal relations and regional inequalities. Senior delegates from the finance ministry of the Brazilian states, Brazil’s Under-Secretariat of Federative Affairs of the Presidency and the federal school of public finance administration (ESAF) also participated in the mission.

The focus was to study Canada’s Federal and Provincial fiscal and tax administration system and to add substance to the discussion in Brazil regarding their own fiscal and taxation system. Brazil is a partner country of the Forum.

The mission included two days of presentations in Ottawa and one day in Quebec City.

Day one of the mission. Ottawa,Canada
Day one of the mission

The first day was dedicated to an overview of Canada’s federal structure and fiscal federalism arrangements presented by Forum President Rupak Chattopadhyay and President Emeritus George Anderson. Presentations were also given on provincial examples and perspectives.

Forum President Rupak Chattopadhyay. Ottawa,Canada
Forum President Rupak Chattopadhyay

President Emeritus George Anderson. Ottawa,Canada« >
President Emeritus George Anderson

Mr. Anderson’s presentation on Canadian Fiscal Federalism and the Dual VAT

From the Province of Ontario, Almos Tassonyi, formerly with the Ontario Ministry of Finance gave an overview on the fiscal and taxation system in Ontario.

Almos Tassonyi Former Minister of Finance of Ontario
Almos Tassonyi Former Minister of Finance of Ontario

William Mackay, Senior Advisor on Intergovernmental Relations from Nunavut, a federal territory of Canada. Who’s presentation to the delegation was on « Fiscal Federalism in Nunavut ».

Mr. William Mackay
Mr. William Mackay Senior Advisor on Intergovernmental Relations from the province of Nunavut

Mr. Mackay’s presentation on Fiscal Federalism in Nunavut

On the second day the mission was received by the Federal government. The Department of Finance Tax Policy Branch, Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy Branch, Excise and GST/HST Rulings Directorate, Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch and the Canada Revenue Agency gave presentations on the following themes:

• Canadian fiscal context
• Federal Support to the Provinces and Territories
• Budget process
• Canada’s plan to return to surplus
• Canada’s Retirement Income System

Members from Finance Canada and Revenue Canada. Ottawa,Canada
Presentation from Finance Canada
Presentation on Canada’s Retirement Income System
Federal Support to the Provinces and Territories

The delegation was also received by Brazilian Ambassador to Canada, Piragibe Dos Santos Tarrago.

The final day of the mission was spent in Quebec City where the Quebec government hosted a full day of presentations. The delegation was welcomed by Madame Suzanne Levesque , secrétaire adjointe Secrétariat aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes, ministère du Consiel exécutif.

Brazilian Members hosted by members of the Quebec government

The Quebec government gave presentations on the following issues:

• Le Québec au sein du Canada Monsieur Secrétarait aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes, ministère du Conseil exécutif
• Survol de la fiscalité québécoise dans un contexte canadien ministère du Revenue
• Les taxes a la consommation du Québec ministère du Revenue
• Processus relie au Budget de dépenses au Gouvernement du Québec Conseil du Trésor
• Les transferts fédéraux au Canada ministère des finances

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