Co-operative constitution-making in Nepal

The Forum of Federations recently organized a two-day workshop on the role of civil society organizations in Nepal’s transformation to a federal country.

More than 20 representatives from civil society organizations as well as international donor organizations participated, including the German Technical Cooperation, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Canadian Cooperation Office; and Danida, the Danish International Development Agency.

The workshop included presentations by Nepali and international experts on key issues in Nepal’s transformation to a federal country, presentations by civil society members on lessons learned and discussion about the role of civil society in the constitution-making and federalism creation process. At the event, civil society members broke into groups to discuss the potential for increased cooperation in these processes and to draft possible future federalism support programs.

Members from different walks of Nepalese society have expressed an eagerness to participate in the development of a constitution for Nepalese.

But success is often hampered by narrowly-focused references and case studies of single countries. The Forum is addressing this challenge through the creation of a group composed of donors and non-governmental organizations from Nepal and around the world to share information on federalism programs in order to give a broader and more complete and accurate picture of federalism.

The workshop took place on Dec. 17 and 18, 2008, in Kathmandu and was supported by the German Federal Foreign Office through the GTZ Federalism Support Programme.

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