Colloquium on the "Creation, Merging and Incorporation of Municipalities Regulation of Constitutional Amendment”

The Forum of Federations in partnership with the Secretariat of Institutional Relations of the Brazilian Presidency held a colloquium on the National minimum criteria for the creation, merger and dissolution of municipalities”. This meeting took place in Brasilia on September 6, 2011 and drew on the federal experiences of other international federations and national experts on the process for the creation of municipalities. This conference contributed to the federal debate for amendments to the Brazilian Constitution which regulates the creation, consolidation, dissolution and merger of municipalities. The current constitution provides for the creation of municipalities by holding a referendum with the populations of the municipalities involved. There is debate on the need to review the process for the creation of municipalities and a perceived need to instill a national plan for regional development, to refine the process of territorial changes, necessary to improve the territorial division of the state and country. Brazilian Constitutional Amendment No. 15/96 seeks to amend this law. At present Brazil has around 5,564 municipalities each municipality has the constitutional power to approve their own laws and collects taxes and also receives funds from the state and federal governments. It is hoped amendments to the Constitution will reduce the large regional inequalities in the country especially with regard to the viability of these municipalities.

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