Experts’ Contributions in Iraq

In the summer of 2005, with funding and other resources from the National Democratic Institute (NDI), six Forum experts on federal governance visited Iraq to provide information and expertise on federal constitutions and federal government. In June, three Forum experts on federalism were invited to Baghdad to provide information on federal constitutions to Iraqi parliamentarians, judges and members of the Constitutional Committee: Rajeev Dhavan, an academic and lawyer practicing at the Supreme Court of India, Spanish constitutional expert Violeta Ruiz Almendral and Prof. David Cameron of the University of Toronto. During a second mission in July, Forum President George Anderson and Bob Rae, former President of the Forum, joined Swiss ambassador Tim Guldimann in Baghdad to provide information on many aspects of federal systems and federal governance to members of the Iraq Transitional National Assembly. Throughout the summer, federalism expert Prof. Ron Watts as well as Prof. Cameron, Bob Rae and Mr. Anderson provided comments on draft constitutions via email through the International Iraq Advisory Group developed by National Democratic Institute, Baghdad.

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