Experts from eight federations share experiences on how to provide for their capital cities

Experts from eight federal countries met recently in New Delhi to discuss the governance and financing of federal capitals. The meeting was organized jointly by the Forum of Federations and the Inter-State Council Secretariat of the Government of India.

The meeting afforded the experts a first assessment of the various ways federations have organized their capitals. Some countries set up their capitals as city-states, capital districts or federal districts; while others established their capitals as cities within a specific constituent unit, such as a province, state, or canton.

The experts also looked at the consequences for income generation for different capital cities and the sources of revenue for financing capital functions. The theme coordinator was Dr. Enid Slack of the University of Toronto.

It was decided at the get-together that the Forum will prepare a publication later this year that will examine the management of federal capitals, comparing the experiences of these different federal countries.

From among the participating countries, scholars and practitioners from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, USA, South Africa and Switzerland are expected to contribute to the publication.

The event took place on March 14 – 15, 2008.

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