Exploring dimensions of ethnic federalism in Nepal

The Forum of Federations and the United Nations Development Programme recently held a special workshop in Kathmandu special in that it brought together the leaders of 18 ethnic rights organizations from different regions of Nepal.

Participants at the event, including leaders of organizations that had never before met face to face, discussed issues together and with international experts, weighty issues relating to federalism, and specifically the ethnic dimensions of federal politics,

The participants developed work plans to guide the discussions within their groups, focusing on the presentation of policies on federalism. For organizations often in conflict, this was an unexpected opportunity to exchange views.

The experts working with the participants included Dr. Krishna Khanal, Dr. Nicole Toepperwien and Dr. Krishna Hattechu, with Forum Asia Director Dominic Cardy serving as a resource person on Nepal’s political parties and processes.

The event was held Nov. 25 27, 2009, at the Park Village Hotel in Katmandu.

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