Federalism primers translated into Urdu

The Center for Civic Education Pakistan, the Forum’s program partner in Pakistan, recently translated two of the Forum’s key publications into Urdu – Pakistan’s national language – for use in federalism training programs.

The Center for Civic Education Pakistan (CCEP) in collaboration with a six-member translation review committee translated Federalism: An Introduction and Fiscal Federalism: A Comparative Introduction. The primers were written by Forum President George Anderson and published in English by Oxford University Press.

The translation review committee was composed of Pakistani academics, journalists, subject-matter experts and professional translators versed in both English and Urdu. The two Urdu books also contain an English-Urdu glossary of key terminology used in the discussion of federalism.

Less than 10 percent of Pakistan’s population reads English while just over 50 percent reads Urdu.

The translation work was completed in June with the first books printed and distributed to federalism stakeholders and to provincial roundtable participants in the month of July, 2010.

In early June, Pakistan’s Minister of Information, Qamar Zaman Kaira, praised the fiscal federalism book on national television on the program Dunya merey Agay (The World in Front of Me), a daily political affairs show.

The minister’s comments came during discussion of Pakistan’s national budget.

The minister said to his interviewer: “I have this small booklet that tells us about 22 other federations. Its title is Fiscal Federalism: A Comparative Introduction. If you want to understand new fiscal relations between the federal and provincial governments, then before comments the journalists and politicians must read it.”

The anchor replied, saying “please get it translated into Urdu and distribute it widely.”

The TV clip appears at http://www.dunyanews.tv/play_program_video_eng.php?id=10617&pid=2652.

The CCEP is the Islamabad-based implementing partner for the Forum’s Pakistan program, a project that is meant to strengthen the federalism dialogue in Pakistan. It is funded by the German Foreign Office and will run until the end of 2011.

For more information, contact Marc Lemieux – lemieux@forumfed.org.

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