Financial governance reform in multi-level systems of government

The forces of globalisation and localisation have a profound effect on communities worldwide and this development also indicates changing roles of national governments, other levels of government and non-governmental actors in an interconnected world. Governance in this interconnected world is complex and indicates a need for a re-evaluation of the respective roles of different levels of government in a multi-level system of government.

The changing governance paradigm is described by Anwar Shah, a renowned economist, as follows: “This shift implies that the world is gradually moving from a centralized structure to a globalized and localized (glocalized) one. In such a world, the role of the central government would change from that of a managerial authority to a leadership role in a multicentered government environment. The culture of governance is also slowly changing from a bureaucratic to a participatory mode of operation, from a command-and-control model to one of accountability for results, from being internally dependent to being competitive and innovative, from being closed and slow to being open and quick, and from being intolerant of risk to allowing freedom to fail or succeed.”

International as well as domestic factors have an impact on governance, including financial governance in multi-level systems of government. Reform of financial governance in multi-level systems of government is in the spotlight at a seminar in Stellenbosch on 29 March 2016, organized by the Forum of Federations and the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University, South Africa – with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The seminar is a pre-conference event of the 15th International Winelands Conference hosted by the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University that will take place from 30 March – 1 April 2016. The Forum experts who will participate in this event are Constantino Cronemberger Mendes of Brazil and Wolfgang Renzsch of Germany.

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