Former Forum Chairman Mr. Koller receives first « Swiss Federalism Prize »

(L-R) Pascal Broulis, Arnold Koller, Benedikt Würth, President of the Fondation ch pour la collaboration confédérale

The former chairman of the Forum of Federations, Prof. Arnold Koller, received the first "Federalism Prize” awarded by the "Fondation ch pour la collaboration confédérale”. Prof. Koller, a former President of Switzerland and former Swiss Federal Minister of Justice, joined the Forum's Board of Directors in 2001. He was appointed chairman of the Forum in 2005 and stepped down at the end of 2009. Subsequently, he was appointed a Fellow of the Forum of Federations. Prof. Koller was instrumental in ensuring the successful internationalization of the Forum of Federations. Under his mandate as Minister of Justice, Switzerland hosted the 2nd International Conference on Federalism in St. Gall in 2002. In the laudation former President of the Conference of Cantonal Governments, Cantonal Counselor Pascal Broulis, commented that Arnold Koller is seen as the father of the 1999 "total revision” of the Swiss Constitution, and has been a tireless promoter of federalism internationally as the former President of the Forum of Federations (Laudation/Hommage in French: The prize was awarded at the 4th National Conference on Federalism held in Solothurn, Switzerland on November 28, 2014.The Forum of Federations cordially congratulates Prof. Koller on his award and is proud to have him as a Fellow.

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