Forum Chairman gives testimony to the bicameral “Committee for the implementation of fiscal federalism”

Forum chairman Prof. Milbradt gives testimony to Italian parliament

Italy is currently debating the implementation of fiscal federalism pursuant to the adoption of art. 119 of its constitution. On Sep 8, 2015, the Forum's chairman, former Premier of Saxony, Prof. Georg Milbradt, gave testimony to the Italian parliament speaking about the German system of financial relations. He spoke on the invitation of Mr. Giancarlo Giorgetti, Chairman of the "Committee for the Implementation of Fiscal Federalism”. The committee is a bicameral body, composed of fifteen deputies and fifteen senators. It carries out check and oversight functions regarding the finances of Regions and local authorities in Italy and the overall implementation of art. 119. The Committee aims at comparing the Italian experience in the area of financial relations between state, regions and local authorities with the experiences of other European countries. The objective of Prof. Milbradt’s speech was to highlight highlight recent developments in the German system and to draw out potential lessons for Italy. Attached: Mr. Milbradt’s speech in German; PP in Italian. Video of the hearing: Speech Powerpoint English Powerpoint German

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