Forum co-organizes seminar on reforming the Indian Planning Commission

Rupak Chattopadhyay, President and CEO of Forum of Federations speaks at the session.

Working in partnership with the India Policy Foundation, the Forum of Federations co-organized a one day brainstorming session on replacing the Indian Planning Commission in Delhi on the 15th of November .

The event brought together stakeholders from various organizations, including national and state ministries across the country to discuss what type of arrangement or processes should replace the Planning Commission.

The seminar was opened by Rakesh Sinha, Director of India Policy Foundation and keynote speakers included T.S.R.Subramaniam, former Cabinet Secretary and A.R.Kohli, former Governor of Mizoram state. Rupak Chattopadhyay from the Forum of Federations delivered the concluding remarks.

The discussions reached the following preliminary conclusions:

1. There remains a need for perspective planning and as such a think tank function could be assumed under the ambit of the PMO.

2. The allocation functions of the planning commission should be transferred over to the Finance Commission.

3. Given the increasing economic prominence of the states, as well as the pivotal role of the states in implementing key central policies, there is need for an active inter-governmental body that looks beyond financial issues and leads on policy design and coordination. This could be done by reviving the Inter-State Council and fusing it with the National Development Council.

4. The consensus is that there is no need for creating a new institution and that a lot could be achieved by re-tooling existing ones.

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