Forum co-sponsors conflict management conference

A conference on Managing Conflicts in a Federal System was organized in Addis Ababa by the Forum in co-operation with the German agency Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) and the Swiss Embassy in partnership with Ethiopia’s House of Federation, the upper chamber of the central government. Shawn Houlihan, the Forum’s director for Africa, participated in the July 2006 event along with all of the members of the House of Federation, plus some members of opposition parties from the House of Peoples’ Representatives (the lower house), academics and members of the international community. Speakers from India, Kenya, Switzerland and Germany participated with Ethiopian experts in extensive discussions on the major mandates and powers of the House. The deliberations centred on constitutional interpretation, fiscal federalism and conflict management. Another focal point was Ethiopia’s first 10 years of experience as a federal government and its international experience with related issues. The events took place on July 20 21, 2006. Mr. Houlihan and Prof. Yash Ghai, the Forum’s conference resource person, held consultations on future collaboration with the Ministry of Federal Governance and officials from Addis Ababa University who want to establish a new Institute for Federalism.

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