Forum events in Sudan

In the fall of 2005, George Anderson undertook his first tour of Africa in his capacity as President of the Forum. In Sudan he was accompanied by J. Peter Meekison, consultant, and Tag Elkhazin of the Subsaharan Centre. In the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and the southern city of Juba, the Forum held meetings and workshops with participants from governments and civil society, as part of a contract between the Forum and Foreign Affairs Canada. This initial workshop series was held to inform and engage in discussions on federalism with civil society groups as the first part of a continuing program in Sudan. Mr. Houlihan, completed a two-week mission to Khartoum and Juba in February 2006 to help establish the Forum’s presence in Sudan, conduct stakeholder consultations and complete the detailed design work for the Forum’s program that will address issues of federalism to support implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. As one prominent academic explained, "At Independence, federalism was a dirty word; now everyone is interested but most people, even senior officials, still don’t really understand even some of the basics.” The program will work with government, civil society, academics and other international partners in North and Southern Sudan.

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