Forum experts on federal government visit Iraq in July 2005

The Forum has sent two groups of experts to Iraq to provide information and expertise on federal constitutions and on federal governance. In July 2005 Forum experts on federalism were invited to Baghdad to provide information on federalism and federal constitutions to the Iraqi parliamentarians and judges. For the first mission in early July, the Forum sent Rajeev Davan, an academic and lawyer practicing at the Supreme Court of India, Spanish constitutional expert Violeta Almendral and Professor David Cameron of the University of Toronto to provide information on federal constitutions to the constitutional committee of the Transitional Iraqi National Assembly. In the second mission later that month, Forum President George Anderson and former Ontario Premier Bob Rae joined Swiss ambassador Tim Guldimann to provide information on many aspects of federal systems and federal governance to members of the Iraqi National Assembly.

Iraqis voting in a referendum in October subsequently approved a draft federal constitution by 78 per cent, although a large majority of Sunnis voted against the proposal. A pre-referendum agreement to a further round of constitutional talks leaves the door open for constitutional amendments in the near future.

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