Forum hosts International Roundtable

Valeria Iglesias of Argentina, Chris Kukucha of Canada and Sadewo Joedo of Indonesia participate in International Roundtable.
Photo: Rita Champagne

Experts from around the globe gathered recently in Ottawa to discuss the topic of how the constituent units of federal countries, entities such as states and provinces, carry out relations with governments in foreign countries. The event was hosted by the Forum of Federations.

Experts from 10 countries participated in roundtable discussions on October 23 and 24, 2006.

The roundtable event is an integral part of the Forum’s Global Dialogue program, which has published or is publishing books on four different themes.

The exchanges dealt with key issues such as the organization and functioning of intergovernmental relations of constituent units in the field of foreign policy; the range and scope of activities undertaken by constituent units internationally; and the implications for the conduct of foreign policy and the development of federalism in these nations.

Delegates representing ten countries discussed foreign relations in Ottawa.
Photo: Rita Champagne

Experts attending the roundtable discussions came from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

Read a summary of the discussion Opens in new window by the notetaker, Gilberto Marcos Antonio Rodrigues, PhD. Dr. Rodrigues is a specialist in international relations based at the Catholic University of Santos, Brazil. The subject of his doctoral thesis was Federative Foreign Policy of Brazilian States and Municipalities.

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