Forum hosts Vancouver meeting on indigenous land title systems

Terry Anderson (standing), Executive Director of Property and Environment Research Center addresses a working group meeting on Canada’s indigenous land title systems in Vancouver, Canada. Dr. C.T. (Manny) Jules, Chief Commissioner, First Nation Tax Commission is seated on the left.

A working group of international experts recently convened in Vancouver to discuss and deliberate on how to reform Canada’s indigenous land title systems.

The event was organized by the Forum of Federations and the First Nations Tax Commission, with support from the Native Law Centre of Canada.

The working group is composed of international and Canadian experts. Their task is to review, critique and seek ways to improve Canada’s draft legislation on indigenous land title systems.

Participants also discussed methods of land tenure, responsible institutions and the division of federal and local power in their respective countries.

The session, which took place from Mar. 2 3, 2009, was the second held this year. At the previous meeting in Calgary from Feb. 23 25, participants were presented with the draft legislation.

Participants at the Vancouver event included Dr. C.T. (Manny) Jules, Chief Commissioner, First Nation Tax Commission, Canada; Dr. Sakej Henderson, Professor and Research Director, Native Law Centre of Canada; Dr. André Le Dressay, Director, Fiscal Realities, Canada; Professor Nic Olivier, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Terry Anderson, Executive Director, Property and Environment Research Center, United States; Mrs. Diane Cragg, Land and Governance Consultant, Registrar of Land Titles for Nisga’a Lisims Government, Canada; Mr. Graham Matthews, Partner, Lang Michener LLP, Canada; Mr. Stuart (Bud) Smith, Lawyer and President, Mejia Property Inc., Canada; Mr. Wayne Haimila, Legal advisor, First Nations Tax Commission, Canada; Ms. Nawel Hamidi, Forum of Federations; David Parks, Forum of Federations; Mr. John McKennirey, Assistant Deputy Minister, Land and Economic Development, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada; and Mr. Greg Richard, Chief Economist, Fiscal Realities, Canada.

The network of experts and practitioners will continue their participation in what will be a two-year land title program.

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