Forum launches special Nepali edition of Federations magazine

Attendees at a recent meeting on systems of government for Nepal review the Forum’s special Nepali edition of Federations magazine.

View the PDF of the magazine.

The Forum of Federations has launched a special Nepal edition of its Federations magazine titled How Nepal Can Learn from the Experiences of Others.

This work is relevant to Nepal because the county is currently writing a federal constitution and will soon be deciding how to share power in the new federal democratic republic. The purpose of the magazine is to address the lack of general as well as Nepal-specific educational materials dealing with the issue of state restructuring and federalism.

The bilingual English-Nepali magazine aims at sharing lessons from other federal experiences relevant to Nepal’s ongoing constitutional reforms and focuses on key federal themes, such as drawing the federal map of Nepal, restructuring the judiciary, fiscal federalism, choosing a government for Nepal, and language policy among others.

The articles are written by Nepalese as well as international experts on federalism. The magazine will be distributed to policymakers, civil society and educational institutions and is expected to provide useful insights on many practical issues related to federalism.

Mr. Sambhu Hajara Dushadh, Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly Committee on Determination of the Form of the Government and member of the Constituent Assembly, attended the launch.

He said that "the bilingual magazine published by the Forum of Federations will be helpful for the Constituent Assembly members to learn about the concrete experiences of other federal countries of the world »

Mr. Markus Heiniger, the special advisor for peacebuilding with the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC), commented that the Forum’s unbiased approach to federalism-related issues has created wide acceptance of its publications.

Prof. Krishna Khanal, Nepal’s federalism expert and one of the authors of the special edition noted that that the content of the magazine is highly relevant for Nepal’s constitution-making process

Mr. Sanjeev Pokharel, who manages the Forum’s programs in Nepal, said we "wanted this magazine to add to the Nepali-language material that decision makers can access. Learning from the successes and challenges faced by other countries can help our leaders make the right choices for Nepal. »

The launch took place July 23 during a special meeting of the Sub-Group on Federalism and Systems of Government held at the Center for Constitutional Dialogue (CCD) in Alfa Beta Complex, New Baneshwar, Kathmandu.

The Forum is implementing a 3-year program titled, Federalism in Nepal: Supporting Nepal’s Constitutional Transition, with financial support from the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) and other donors.

The special issue of the magazine is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

View the PDF of the magazine.

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