Forum organizes fiscal event in the Senate of Argentina

The Forum recently co-organized the 10th Annual Seminar on Fiscal Federalism in the Argentine Senate building in Buenos Aires. The seminar brought together about 100 academics and practitioners of federalism from Argentina’s provinces and its federal capital. The event was held Nov. 27, 2007. It was a joint initiative of the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth, the Co-Participation Commission of the National Senate, the Forum of Federations, the AE Business School, and two major universities, the Universidad Austral and Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

Argentine Senator Silvia Gallego, a member of the Senate’s Fiscal Co-Participation Commission, opened the event. Brazilian economist Fernando Rezende made a presentation on behalf of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, a leading Brazilian think-tank that conducts research on public administration and applied economics, and Forum expert David Mac Donald (director, Asia-Pacific region) presented on behalf of the Forum of Federations. Mr. Rezende is a member of both the editorial board of the Forum’s Global Dialogue Program, and the International Association of Centers for Federal Studies. He is also a director of the Fiscal Forum of the Brazilian States.

Presentations from the event can be found on the CIPPEC web site.

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