Forum President addresses the Indian Institute of Public Administration

Mr. V.N. Alok (left), Forum President George Anderson and IIPA director, Dr. Rakesh Hooja address participants at a lecture on oil and gas management in federal systems on October 25, 2010 in New Delhi.

George Anderson, the Forum’s President, had a stop-over in New Delhi on October 25th during which he delivered a lecture to participants in the Advanced Professional Programme at the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA). His subject was "Oil and Gas Management and Fiscal Arrangements in Fiscal Systems », based on the project he has been directing, which will result in a book in 2011.

Mr. Anderson was hosted by the IIPA’s new Director, Dr. Rakesh Hooja, and by Mr. V.N. Alok both of whom have participated in numerous Forum activities in India and other countries.

Mr. Anderson also called on Mr. Ajoy Acharya, the recently appointed Secretary of India’s Inter-State Council’s Secretariat, and briefed him on Forum activities. Mr. Acharya will be joining the Forum’s board.

Both Mr. Acharya and Dr. Hooja will attend the Fifth International Conference on Federalism, in Addis Ababa in December.

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