Forum President leads South Sudan seminar on oil and gas

Participants in a Forum seminar in Juba, South Sudan, learn how oil and gas revenues can be managed in a federal system.

What oil and gas exploitation means for the economy and the government of federal systems, especially for South Sudan, was the topic of a seminar held by the Forum and two governmental partners in Juba, Southern Sudan, on June 19, 2010.

The seminar, organized by the Forum of Federations, the Southern Sudan Fiscal, Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission and the Ministry of Energy and Mining, was led by Forum President George Anderson.

Generally countries producing oil and gas may face challenges over rightful ownership, land rights, macroeconomic management, transparency and equitable allocation and environmental impact. These issues often put governments and the private sector at loggerheads, and can be further complicated when residents who live near the oil and gas wells become involved.

The seminar also served to highlight research on an upcoming joint publication involving the Forum that sets out the findings of a comprehensive study of the management of oil and gas revenues in 12 federal countries.

Thirty prominent experts participated from government, the international development community, academia, media, and other groups in South Sudan.

They discussed and analyzed major development and public finance issues that are common to federal and decentralized petroleum-producing countries. The event was attended by Southern Sudan’s Minister of Energy and Mining, Hon. John Luk Jok.

The event was a part of the Forum’s fiscal federalism activities, a component of its broader Federal Governance and Peace in Sudan program. The program aims to bring about improved management and oversight of wealth-sharing. The program also seeks to build the basis for a wider and deeper national understanding about and commitment to the role of federalism for sustainable peace in Sudan.

The Forum’s work in Sudan is funded by Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

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