Forum receives UN accreditation

The Forum of Federations has received formal accreditation to be a Non-Governmental Organization associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

The accreditation gives the Forum enhanced access to United Nations facilities and to all open meetings of United Nations bodies. The Forum will also be formally invited to briefings with UN officials, government delegates and other experts that are held by the UN Department of Public Information, as well as other events. This recognition will heighten the Forum’s international status and provide access to a wider range of possible partners on the international stage. The Forum of Federations has collaborated with the United Nations on its work in the Middle East, including conferences on federalism for Iraq and the training of Iraqi academics.

About 1,500 NGOs with strong information programs on issues of concern to the UN are associated with the Department of Public Information.

The Forum’s accreditation was approved in late July, 2007.

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