Forum trains Souther Sudan civil servants in fiscal federalism – Juba

The Forum conducted a three-day "Foundations of Fiscal Federalism for Experts” training in partnership with the Southern Sudan Fiscal and Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission (SSFFAMC) from September 22-24, 2009 . This 4-day course for Southern Sudan civil servants was revised into three days as the Government of Southern Sudan declared one of the training days a public holiday one week before the training began.

The session was conducted by leading international fiscal federalism experts, including Dr. Michael Bell of the George Washington University’s Institute of Public Policy (GWIPP), Washington, DC; V. Alok, Associate Professor of Public Finance and Chairman, Centre for Economic Analysis and Financial Management at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. The Forum’s Juba-based Program Coordinator Jada Albert Modi delivered a presentation on the legal and constitutional context for fiscal federalism in South Sudan.

The core objective of the training was to support the capacity of the SSFFAMC as an independent commission as envisioned in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) protocols and Interim Constitution of Sudan. Course topics examined the roles, responsibilities, and interactions of different tiers of government with regard to expenditure and revenue assignments and intergovernmental transfers within a federal system—and the impact these critical issues have on the integral role that federalism plays on peace and development in Sudan.

At the same time, the training sought to galvanize a broader constituency for improved management and oversight of implementing fiscal federalism in Sudan.

The training was attended throughout by 19 participants, including core director level staff of the SSFFAMC, and senior representatives from The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, The Ministry of Legal Affairs, Ministries of Energy and Mining, Commerce and Industry, the Local Government Board, the Auditor General’s Office and a broad cross section of other key Ministries and officials.

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