Forum’s Strategic Council meets in Switzerland

Morschach, Switzerland – Strategic Council members, from left: Warren McCann, Australia; Karl Irresberger, Austria; Gregory Gillespie, Ann Scotton, and Manon Dumas from Canada.

The Forum’s advisory body, the Strategic Council, met on June 8 to 9 in Morschach, Switzerland to take stock of the Forum’s recent activities and its plans for the coming year.

This was the second annual meeting of the Strategic Council, a body which is composed of representatives of the Forum’s seven partner countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, India, Mexico, Nigeria and Switzerland. The meetings were chaired by René Holenstein, of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

During the two-day meeting, members of the council discussed the Forum’s strategic direction, its relations with its seven partner countries and how other countries could become affiliated with the Forum. The council also received an update on the planning for the Fourth International Conference on Federalism to be held in New Delhi in November, 2007. The Councile’s next meeting will be held during the New Delhi event.

The role of the Strategic Council is to provide advice and offer recommendations to the Forum on its strategic direction. In that regard, the council formulated a number of recommendations that are to be discussed by the Forum’s Board of Directors, which will be meeting by conference call on June 26. Arnold Koller of Switzerland, the Chair of the Board, will be presiding.

Representatives at the Swiss meeting included Warren McCann of Australia; Karl Irresberger from Austria; Manon Dumas, Anne Scotton, Gregory Gillespie, Martin Bourgeois and Stépahne Marsolais from Canada; Ravi Dhingra from India; Gloria del Carmen Muñoz León, Ofelia Saavedra Archundia and Graciela Gómez-Garcia, of Mexico; George Ajonye and Stephen M. Baba of Nigeria; Canisius Braun, Nicole Gysin, Markus Dürst, Chantal Nicod and Christine Löwe of Switzerland; as well as Arnold Koller, Chair of the Board of the Forum of Federations, George Anderson, President and CEO of the Forum, and Raoul Blindenbacher, Forum Vice President.

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