Health Policy and Federalism Workshops in Mexico 2002

Workshops on Health Policy and Federalism were held in three cities in Mexico from November 4 to 8, 2002. The workshops were organized by the Forum of Federations in partnership with the National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development (INAFED) and three participating Mexican states. The cities participating were La Paz, Baja California Sur; Puebla City, Puebla; and Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The Forum of Federations recruited practitioners and experts from five countries: Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, and Colombia. As well, Carlos Gadsden, Director General of the National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development, Antonio Heras, Director General of Policy and Evaluation in the Federal Health Department, and Tlatoani Real, Deputy Director, National Health Board also delivered presentations at the three workshops. In La Paz and Monterrey the State Secretaries of Health opened the workshops, while Melquiades Morales Flores, Governor of the State of Puebla, inaugurated the Puebla workshop. The presentations delivered by the international participants and Mexican federal representatives were nearly identical in all three workshops.

Approximately 30 people attended the workshops in La Paz and Monterrey, while the Puebla one counted with around 40 participants. Most were representatives of the State health departments and were interested in the municipalization of the health sector. Different levels of economic development and decentralization distinguished the states; as well, different political parties also governed the three states.

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