High level workshop on draft IGR policy and legal framework in Ethiopia

The Forum of Federation, in close collaboration with the House of Federation and Ministry of Federal and Pastoral Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, has launched a five years program recently. One of the major aims of the program is to establish an enhanced, gender sensitive management of intergovernmental relations by the governmen of Ethiopia in the context of Ethiopia’s multicultural federation.

As part of the institutionalization and legalization of the intergovernmental system of the country, various activities have been conducted so far. A high level consultation on the draft policy and legal framework of IGR is scheduled to take place from 04 to 05 May 2018 in Hawassa, Ethiopia.

Over 50 members of parliament from the Federal and Regional states are expected to participant in this workshop. Local experts will deliver lectures on the basic concept IGR, internatioal experinces on IGR, the draft policy and legal framework of IGR for Ethiopia. The Gender dimenssion of the draft policy and legal framework will also be discussed systematically in the workshop. The knowledge and expereinces gained from this workshop is expected to help parliamentarians in the approval process of the policy and law.

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