Indian government expert shares ideas with Canadians

S.D. Sharma, left, and participants, share ideas at the lunch and learn at the Forum of Federations.

The newspaper photo of a smiling representative of the federal government shaking hands with his or her counterpart from a province or state is something every federal politician and civil servant wants to see. But reaching agreement can take time. To share success stories and find what works and what doesne’t, the Forum of Federations helped to bring S.D.Sharma, adviser and additional secretary, Inter-State Council Secretariat, Government of India on a three-day study tour to Canada. The Inter-State Council Secretariat is the Forum’s partner institution within the Government of India and co-organizer of the upcoming 4th International Conference on Federalism.

Mr. Sharma, an Indian Administrative Service officer who had prior assignments with the states of Jharkhand and Bihar, came to Canada to learn more about intergovernmental practices in Canada and to discuss potential collaboration between the Forum of Federations and the government of India after the International Conference.

During the course of his visit he met with officials from Intergovernmental Affairs at the Privy Council Office and the Institute on Governance. He also delivered a luncheon address at the Forum on the ‘Communitisation Programme’ in the Indian state of Nagaland. The program is a unique initiative of the Nagaland state government which has led to the decentralization of service delivery and to an increase in responsibility of local communities in the state.

The event took place on June 13, 2oo7.

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