Inter-American Network on Decentralization (RIAD)

A summit was held in Cancun, Mexico, in September 2002 in which the Forum participated.

The Inter-American Network on Decentralization (RIAD) was established as an outcome of the 2001 Summit of the Americas, held in Quebec City. The RIAD has a mandate to promote the strengthening of local governments in participating member countries of the OAS. Bolivia is the current President, with Mexico, currently Vice-President, due to assume the presidency in September 2003. Canada has been approached to become the Vice President of RIAD (in September 2003), with Presidency to follow in September 2005, shortly after the June 2005 Summit in Buenos Aires.

The Forum of Federations sent a representative, and the Canadian federal government sent a delegation of representatives and experts to the September 2002 preparatory meeting in Cancàºn.

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