International Conference on Federalism 2005 in Brussels, Belgium: Youth Program

Twenty-two young participants from all over the world were chosen by the Forum and to be part of the youth participants in the Third International Conference on Federalism in Belgium in March 2005. The conference in Brussels followed those held at Mont Tremblant, Canada (1999) and St. Gallen, Switzerland (2002). The conference was a joint initiative between Belgium’s federal and regional authorities. The Conference is organized in collaboration with the European Parliament and the Forum of Federations.

The youth participants at the conference were Elena Albina of Belgium, Brandon Benjamin of the USA, Avanti Bhati of India, Marianne Bonnard of France (representing EU youth), Sarah Byrne of Switzerland, Alberto Colin of Mexico, Christie Dennison of Canada, Céline Fercot of France (representing EU youth), Ali Ahhaji Garba of Nigeria, Axel Heise of Germany, Tasleem Mazhar Jan of Pakistan, Guillaume Lavoie of France, Dörte Marlà¨ne Liebetruth of Germany, Ana Célia Lobo Silva of Brazil, Audra Mitchell of Canada, Eyene Okpanachi of Nigeria, Susanne Pfanner of Austria, Dominika Stefaniuk of Switzerland, Germà¡n Sturtzenegger of Argentina, Simone Toubeau of Belgium, Adam Wand of Australia and Asanga Welikala of Sri Lanka.

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