International experts share experiences on land titles with First Nations

Canada’s indigenous peoples are gaining greater legal control over their lands so they can have the powers of investment and development that all non-native Canadians enjoy. To this end, the Forum of Federations and Canada’s First Nations Tax Commission held a working session on Land Title Certainty for First Nations. At the event, held in Vancouver, B.C., selected experts from around the world shared their experiences and visions on how a land title system could be re-configured to support economic development and to increase the revenues of First Nations governments. Participants from Australia, South Africa, Canada and a representative from the Instituto Libertad y Democracia of Peru (led by economist Hernando de Soto), lent their expertise to the group. The event was held on March 10-11, 2008. It received the financial support of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The Forum has participated since the outset in the work of the First Nations Tax Commission, created as the result of recent changes in Canadian law.

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