International experts tackle fiscal challenges in Argentina

Forum of Federations president George Anderson speaks about fiscal federalism in Argentina. To his right: Dr. Christian Maiwald, Ministry of the Interior of Germany; far right, David Colmenares, former Head of State Fiscal Relations, Mexico.

The Forum of Federations contributed to an international seminar on reforms to Argentina’s fiscal regime. The event, titled Reforms and Fiscal Responsibility in Federal Countries, was held in Buenos Aires. Participants explored previous reforms to the federal system in Argentina, which they compared to experiences in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany and Mexico.

The event was co-organized by The Senate of Argentina, Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC) and Forum of Federations.

Speakers included: Senator Marina Riofrio (Argentina); Juan Antonio Zapata (Argentina); Walter Agosto (Argentina); Rogelio Frigerio (Argentina); Roger Wilkins (Australia); José Roberto Afonso (Brazil); George Anderson (Canada); Dr. Christian Maiwald (Germany) and David Colmenares (Mexico).

Other Forum activities in Argentina consisted of:

  • A Forum presentation on energy management comparing experiences in Canada, Australia and Argentina, which was attended by members of the Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI)
  • A roundtable on fiscal, economic and institutional challenges to federalism with provincial government members and Argentine senators
  • A dialogue on Argentina’s federal priorities with government officials and academics from the University of Buenos Aires

The Forum experts who took part in the Argentinean mission were CEO George Anderson; Roger Wilkins, an Australian fiscal expert; and David MacDonald, the Forum’s acting Director for South America. The mission took place from March 19 to 22, 2007.

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