Members of the "Young Union” of Germany met with the Forum of Federations

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized a visit to Canada of the national board of the Junge Union (Young Union) of Germany. The group, which included about 30 participants, met with elected officials, government representatives, and policy and academic experts to discuss political developments, current policy debates, and the Canadian view of the transatlantic relationship. The Junge Union is the largest political youth organization in Germany with approximately 125,000 members. They visited Toronto, the Niagara region, and Ottawa. The Forum of Federation coordinated a briefing on fiscal federalism in Canada for the delegation that took place in Ottawa on July 4, 2013. The presentation was delivered by Mr. Hugues Théorêt, Counselor, Ministère du Conseil executive Quebec. Mr. Théorêt spoke to the group about the fiscal federalism architecture in Canada, focusing on the three major transfers from the federal government to the provinces – heath, social, and equalization transfers, revenue raising powers of the federal and provincial governments, and the particularities of the province of Quebec in its relationship with the federal government. He emphasized the high level of fiscal autonomy of the provinces as a result of a high degree of fiscal decentralization and the prevalence of informal mechanisms of inter-governmental cooperation, not only in the fiscal relations, but also in other policy areas.

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