Mexican President visits Canada

President-elect Felipe Calderon of Mexico was recently in Ottawa during a two-day working visit to Canada. During Mr. Calderon’s visit, from Oct. 26-27, 2006, Forum President George Anderson coordinated briefings to the president-elect on Canada’s energy and forestry sectors.

Mr. Calderon was elected on July 2 to succeed President Vicente Fox. He will be sworn in as president on December 1, 2006.

Ms Maria Teresa Garcia Segovia de Madero, Mexico’s Ambassador to Canada, also took part in the meetings. Ms Madero recently retired from the board of directors of the Forum of Federations.

Mr. Anderson, a former Deputy Minister of Canada’s department of Natural Resources, led the briefing on energy, which included representatives from Canada’s oil, gas and electrical sectors. Forum Vice-President Céline Auclair represented the Forum at the Forestry briefing.

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