Mexicans learn from local government reforms in Argentina

A high-level meeting of senior political officials concerned with strengthening local government recently took place in Mexico. The event, one of the monthly meetings of the Senate Commission on Local Government, was moderated by Senator Ramon Galindo Noriega, President of the Senate Commission on Local Government.

An expert from Argentina, Alejandro Arlia, Deputy Minister for Municipal Affairs in the Province of Buenos Aires’ Ministry of the Interior, spoke to the group. Mr. Arlia presented the advances of Buenos Aires Province in strengthening relationships with its municipalities and specified areas where responsibilities have been decentralized to local governments.

The province of Buenos Aires is located next to the autonomous city of Buenos Aires and is divided into 134 administrative units called “partidos.” In turn, Senate Commission members discussed their legislative agenda – one designed to strengthen the fiscal base of local governments in Mexico while permitting state governments greater autonomy in reforming state-municipal relationships.

The event took place on on April 1, 2008.

While these initiatives have tacit support from all major political parties, sub-national political relationships and the growing threat to public security may cloud the prospects of several of the proposals.

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