Mexico becomes partner of Forum of Federations

Forum chairman, and former President of Switzerland, Arnold Koller shakes hands with Carlos Abascal, Minister of the Interior of Mexico, after signing the partnership agreement.

The Government of Mexico became a partner country with the Forum of Federations in a signing ceremony on January 30, 2006 in Mexico City. Mexico joins Australia, Austria, Canada, India, Nigeria and Switzerland as partner countries.

Participants included Arnold Koller, Chair of the Forum of Federations and former President of Switzerland; Carlos Abascal, Minister of the Interior of Mexico; Gian Federico Pedotti, Swiss Ambassador to Mexico; César Camacho Quiroz, President of the Mexican Senate Commission on Federalism and Municipal Development; Gloria del Carmen Muñoz León, Co-ordinator of Mexico’s National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development (INAFED); Gaëtan Lavertu, Canadian Ambassador to Mexico; Arturo Chàvez, Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Interior; and Diana Chebenova, Program Manager, Forum of Federations.

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