Mobilization and Program development mission

Between September 29 and November 3, 2005, the Forum held a series of meetings and three workshops in northern and southern Sudan. Participating on behalf of the Forum were Forum President George Anderson, J. Peter Meekison, consultant and Tag Elkhazin.

The objectives of Forum of Federationse’ mission to the Sudan were:

  • to meet with a wide cross section of Sudanese from both the North and the South, including government officials, political parties, NGOe’s, university faculty and administration,
  • to familiarize them with the Forum,
  • to determine the priorities and possible range and scope of projects that could be pursued, and
  • to identify potential local partners, including universities and CBOs.

Most of the meetings with the Sudanese federal government were held with the Ministry of Federal Governance, and with representatives of the Bank of Sudan. Meetings with the Government of South Sudan were held during two visits to Juba and Government representatives shared their programming needs with the Forum. Forum delegates also met with representatives from the political parties.

These activities are part of the first phase of a multi-year project with funding from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

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