Options of Political Decentralization Workshop No. 1: An Introduction to Federalism: Chances, Challenges, Preconditions

(Left)Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin, former German Minister of Justice, University Professor and expert on Constitutional Law.

The workshop was organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and supported by the Forum of Federations.

The Program for the event

Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin, a former German National Minister of Justice was recently invited to Yemen to speak at a workshop organized by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. The workshop was supported by the Forum of Federations. Mrs. Däubler-Gmelin gave a presentation entitled "Options of Political Decentralization – An Introduction to Federalism: Chances, Challenges and Preconditions. » The workshop was attended by more than 150 participants, among them several acting or former cabinet minister, members of parliament and members of the Technical Committee to prepare the national dialogue.

According to Mrs. Däubler-Gmelin, what Yemen may require is a shift in power from individuals to institutions."If this were to happen, there would not be such a strong resistance to letting go of power, » she explains. "It is a question of power sharing. » The bottom line is that if there is an adequate power distribution among the bodies governing the country, it does not leave space for corruption or dictatorship, she said.
Excerpts of Mrs. Däubler-Gmelin’s presentation can be watched at:


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