Partnership with Collège édouard Montpetit 2005/2006

The Forum provided assistance to Collège édouard Montpetit in Montreal, Canada, in support of its federalism programming included in its ‘Passport-Europe’ program. ‘Passport Europe’ provided students in Quebec and Belgium with a program of collaboration and exchange to compare experiences of federalism from their respective points of view. Students in this program spent a two-week study tour in Europe.

The Forum assisted this program by providing context and background information on federalism in Canada, Belgium and Europe. Secondly, an annual contest was run that offered a prize for the best student who developed a comparative paper on federalism in Canada and Belgium. That prize was the opportunity to attend one of the Forum’s international conferences. Thirdly, the Forum organized and facilitated an annual simulation of intergovernmental negotiations at Collège édouard Montpetit.

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