Program in Support of the Sri Lankan Peace Process

The Forum of Federations and the Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Forum’s partner organization in Colombo, Sri Lanka, held a second set of public education activities starting in March 2003. These public education activities, with an emphasis on federal and multi-level models, including such issues as minority rights, intergovernmental relations and fiscal arrangements within federal systems, are part of a larger program in Sri Lanka, aimed at supporting that country’s peace process (See Federations, Vol. 2 No. 5). The Forum’s team of experts came from Canada and South Africa. The first session, held in September 2002, brought together experts in the field of multi-level governance from the United Kingdom, Canada and Sri Lanka. Forum experts are also providing direct advice to the peace negotiation teams on questions of federalism and multi-level governance. In December 2002, the Government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil organization, the LTTE, agreed to pursue a federal model of government.

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