Publication of Fiscal Federalism: A Comparative Introduction

Date: Aug. 2009
Location: Canada

Oxford University Press (OUP) published Fiscal Federalism: A Comparative Introduction, written by Forum President George Anderson. This follows his previous work Federalism: An Introduction, published by OUP in 2007.
Mr. Anderson describes fiscal federalism as a subject that is both political and economic: "The management of divided sovereignty in such matters as taxation, government spending, and regulation can have a substantial impact on the functioning and stability of an economy, its efficiency, and its sharing of wealth.”

"There is no single best way to manage things and each country must find its own solutions. That said, the subject provides us with analytical tools and evaluative criteria that aid understanding and critical judgments. The different experiences of federations can provide both inspiration from their creativity and cautionary tales from their mistakes.”

Anwar Shah, a lead economist at the World Bank Institute in Washington, D.C., has penned strong words of support for Mr. Anderson’s work, he said the book is "a comprehensive and lucid treatment of the subject … written in jargon-free language and grounded in world-wide practice so as to keep the reader engaged from start to finish … It is a landmark contribution.”

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