Re-thinking post-conflict constitutional design

The Forum of Federations and the United Stated Institute for Peace (USIP) recently hosted a conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, titled Rethinking Post-Conflict Constitutional Design.

The two-day event was attended by experts on the subject of post-conflict resolution from around the world. The participants were asked to reflect on their country’s transition from violence to long-term sustainable peace and relate these experiences to the larger questions considered during the event.

Discussions focused on gaps in the theory and practice of constitutional design, especially in societies emerging from civil war and protracted conflict. The major themes under consideration were:

• Settling violent conflict
• Actors co-option and institution building
• Issues of sequencing and prioritization
• The role of informal institutions

The event is part of a post-conflict resolution project, co-organized by the Forum and USIP, and led by:
• David Cameron, chair and professor of political science from the University of Toronto;
• Jason Gluck, USIP;
• Marie-Joelle Zahar, professor of political science at the Université de Montréal,
• Sujit Choudry, Scholl Chair, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto;
• and Rupak Chattopadhyay, Vice President, Forum of Federations.

Conference findings will be published in a manual of guidelines and best practices on federalism and power sharing in post-conflict divided societies.

The event took place on December 17 and 18, 2010.

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