Roundtable on Division of Revenues between the Levels of Government in Federal Countries and Fiscal Equalization

The Forum co-organized a two-day roundtable and working group meeting on Division of Revenues between the Levels of Government in Federal Countries, with a focus on Fiscal Equalization, with the National Council on Fiscal Policy (CONFAZ) and the Fiscal Forum of the Brazilian States. This event was held in Brasilia on 30 and 31 March 2005. The roundtable explored the mechanisms of fiscal equalization in a few federal countries. Participants examined the evolution of the equalization schemes, reviewed current debates on the direction and structure of equalization, and examined the results achieved, problems encountered, and reforms proposed. Their aim was to identify experiences that could be relevant for Brazil in designing a tax equalization system that would be flexible and sensitive to the country’s complex social and regional disparities. The Forum sponsored the following experts for this event: Norman Betts (Canada), former Minister of Business, Minister Responsible for Service and Minister of Finance of the province of New Brunswick; Roger Wilkins (Australia), Director-General of The Cabinet Office of New South Wales; and Dinesh Srivastava (India), Professor at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy in New Delhi. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation sponsored the participation of the German expert, Walter Kaess, Deputy Director of the Department of State Properties, Local Finance Equalization, Building and Real Estate Management. The Getulio Vargas Foundation provided technical support for the event.

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