Strategic Council of the Forum meets in Brazil

Members of the Strategic Council

On September 10, 2014 the Forum of Federations held its 6th meeting of the Strategic Council in Brasilia.

The meeting was hosted by the Secretariat of Federative Affairs of the Brazilian Presidency and was attended by representatives of 10 partner countries of the Forum of Federations: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan and Switzerland. Argentina and Venezuela participated as observers.

The representatives of the Forum partner countries met to provide advice and offer recommendations to the Forum on its strategic orientation. They also discussed their internal federalism reforms and agendas with the aim of orienting future thematic work of the Forum.

On September 11, the delegation was invited to visit the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), one of the Forum’s partner instiutions in Brazil. The IPEA is a federal public foundation linked to the Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the Brazilian Presidency. Its mission is to enhance public policies that are essential to the development of Brazil by producing and disseminating knowledge and by advising the state in its strategic decisions. The objective of this meeting was to highlight the main lines of research of the IPEA and find synergies with the work of the Forum and Forum partner countries.

Previous to the meeting of the Strategic Council, the representatives visited Sao Paulo. On September 9, a technical visit was organized to the Observatory of Public Consortia and Federalism (OCPF) which is a joint project of the National Front of Mayors, the UNDP, Caixa Economica (Brazilian state-owned bank) and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, designed to study and give support to public consortia and federalism in Brazil. Its objective is to encourage cooperation among municipalities and disseminate knowledge about federalism in Brazil and comparative studies on federal countries in Latin America.

In the afternoon of September 9, a seminar on the “The role of local governments in federal countries” was held at the OCPF. The representatives from Germany, Ethiopia and India discussed municipal autonomy in their countries. Representatives from Australia and Switzerland also participated in the debates. The Forum President spoke about the Forum’s comparative work in the area of local and metropolitan governance.

This event was jointly organized by the OCPF, National Front of Mayors, National Forum for Municipal Managers and Secretaries of International Relations (Fonari), Federal University of ABC (UFABC), Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA) and Secretariat of Institutional Relations of the Brazilian Presidency.

 The Government of Brazil’s website on the event (Click Here)

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