Sudanese design training courses on Federalism

Front left: Joyce Abarbanel, of the Forum of Federations; Omaima Ali Gabralla Hamid, of the National Council for Training; Nadia Mohamed Assad, National Council for Training; Azza Abbas Ibrahim, National Centre for Peace and Development; Roghaya Abdelwahab Elassad, Ministry of Federal Governance; and Mai Amir, of the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society. Back row, from the left include: Dr Belal Abdel Rahim, Chair of the Forum’s Civil Society Advisory Committee; Dr. Omer Awadalla, Ministry of Justice; Ahmed Abusin, Partners in Development); Hassan Nasralla, Ministry of Federal Governance; Abbaker Omer (Sudan Academy of Administrative Sciences); Peter Auer (consultant); Shawn Houlihan, Forum of Federations.

The Forum of Federations’ recently co-organized a four-day workshop on ‘Training and Public Awareness of Federalism in Sudan,’ in Khartoum, with participants from civil society and government.

The workshop participants discussed short- and long-term training strategies as well as the key target groups and the learning needs of those wanting to better understand federalism.

A key conclusion of the workshop is that tools developed by the project need to provide a framework for people being introduced to federalism for the first time and attention given to Sudanese culture, socio-political realities and mindsets.

Considerable time was devoted to discussing how to blend and reconcile the Sudanese experience with the classic themes of federalism namely the managing of diversity and sharing of power and resources.

The event, which was co-organized with Ministry of Federal Governance and the Forum’s Civil Society Advisory Committee, was held from Feb. 10 to Feb. 13, 2007.

The workshop was designed and facilitated by Peter Auer, who has developed numerous learning programs for the World Bank Institute and other international organizations.

The Forum’s next activity in Sudan will be to provide expertise and assistance to Sudane’s Fiscal and Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission.

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